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  • 21205 N Yacht Club Dr, Aventura $3,500

    • 3 Beds
    • 2 Baths
    • 1870 sqft
  • 21205 YACHT CLUB DR, Aventura $3,200

    • 2 Beds
    • 2 Baths
    • 1700 sqft
  • 21205 Yacht Club Dr, Aventura $485,000

    • 3 Beds
    • 2 Baths
    • 1870 sqft

Virginie Roa Nieto

“My focus in my business is to bring the best service to my clients so they can enjoy the process.” I’ve been working in Real Estate for the last 18 years, I’ve seen the transformation of the city and the people on it. Along the years I’ve been serving not only local buyers but a lot of South American clients. Part of it is due to that I am originally from Brazil. This business it’s about knowledge of the market, knowledge of your clients needs, service and dedication. I serve my clients by taking care of their homes and investments. For me professionalism and service are the most important thing. When working with me you can be sure that I will make your real estate transaction as smooth and stress free as possible from the search of what you what to the closing day. Your trust in me is very important. Making dreams a reality is my big motivator! A word of advice to my clients: “Always remember that today you are buying but tomorrow you will be selling ... Be fair on the negociation.” -Virginie Nieto

Address: 18246 Collins Avenue, Sunny Isles Beach

Phone: 1 305 989 4874


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