"Virginie é uma profissional que excede o termo.
Além de estremamente séria e dedicada, consegue oferecer opçōes customizadas às necessidades e preferências de cada cliente.
Não poderia estar mais satisfeito de deixar meus investimentos imobiliários e minha residência de férias sob seus cuidados."
Bruno Jacques Carneiro / Peninsula, Aventura
Belo Horizonte, Brasil 2018
"Virginie tem sido além de amiga, nossa pessoa de confiança, responsável por nos ajudar a nos orientar na avaliação das melhores oportunidades para direcionar nossos investimentos em Miami.
Estamos à disposição de pessoas que queiram detalhes de como conseguimos, com a ajuda dela, realizar nosso sonho ! "
Jeannette & Claude Misrahi / Turnberry Village, Aventura
São Paulo, Brasil 2018 

"Tuve el gusto de conocer a Virginie em Setiembre del 2017 y desde un principio me ayudo a buscar el departamento que soñabamos y al poco tiempo viajamos a Miami para ver los departamentos que habia selecionado para nosotros y de inmediato nos enamoramos de uno de ellos y Virginie nos ayudo desde el principio y hasta la firma del departamento y le estamos muy agradecidos ya que sin su ayuda hubiera sido muy difícil todo.
Andres & Cinthia Cielak / South Tower @ The Point , Aventura "
Mexico City, Mexico 2017

"My name is Reginaldo Zero. I am Brazilian. I live in Brazil and after 52 years holding Executive positions at C level companies like FIS,American Express, VISA, Allied Signal and Singer Sewing Machine Company I decided to retire and limit my activity to participation as board member in the Board of Directors of three different large Corporations.
I know Virginie Nieto since 1997 when we first met in Miami. She was introduced to me by a common friend.
Since then, we became personal friends and we bought, through her, 3 properties in Aventura Area that she recommended. In fact we were very successful in all three acquisitions thanks to the way she worked and behaved in the day to day of the negotiations.
Virginie was also keen in recommending to us highly qualified lawyers and accountants to give us the comfort and support required in transactions made in a foreign country.
Therefore, it's my pleasure to recommend my current neighbor and personal friend Virginie Nieto , knowing her for almost two decades we can attest her strength of character, friendship and very professional. ""
Reginaldo & Diva Zero / Atlantic III @ The Point, Aventura
São Paulo, Brasil 2017
"Virginie has consistently performed above and beyond my expectations : from taking care of documentation, providing me with her perspective to dealing with associations.
She has been my go to person for Real Estate over the last 15 years. It's a pleasure working with her and it makes me feel cared for.
Thank you! "
Martha Jeifetz / Harborside , Aventura
Miami, Florida 2018

My name is Alessandro Quatrocchi,
Virginie Nieto is a very professional Real Estate ,she is attentive to customer needs.
She is very prepared and she has many opportunities.
Miami, Florida 2019

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